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teething  relief all natural roll on remedy baby toddler essential oil blend kid safe made in canada lua kids moonlily wellness alberta
teething all natural roll on remedy baby toddler essential oil blend kid safe made in canada lua kids moonlily wellness alberta

Marvel Mouth Remedy Roll On

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oh dear it's teething time :(  Give your little teether some relief from the pain and inflammation of teething with this pre-diluted essential oil remedy roll on. awesome for adult toothache pain as well!  

10ml bottle, best if used within 2 years. Apply to jawline as needed, do not use on the face or in the mouth. For ages 6m+

Ingredients: German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) in Jojoba Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil

Lua Kids Aromatherapy

To request the GC/MS reports for the single oils used in our blends, or for our roll on dilution rates, you can email us at

Caution: Essential Oils are concentrated essences from plants, and should always be diluted before application to the skin to avoid irritation. We do not promote or encourage the use of Essential Oils internally but more for their aromatic and topical benefits. Ensure that you are aware of the contraindications of the oils that you are using and consult with your doctor or a certified aromatherapist if you have health concerns or questions



Customer Reviews

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This stuff is amazing

This stuff is amazing. My 10 month old son wakes up screaming from teething pains, we will out this one one side of his jaw, he'll turn his head so we can get the other jaw. He then snuggles into whoever is holding him and falls right back to sleep peacefully


My son got his first tooth at 3 months...yes...3 months!! I couldn't give him anything (nor would I want to give him "traditional" medicine) this honestly stopped his pain and allowed him to nurse and eat properly. Something he had been struggling with! I highly recommend this.

life saver

This is actually my favourite thing for teething. Ever. It's saved me and my daughter. I can't recommend this enough. Really.

Night Relief

I've used this product on my children after dental work, when teeth are loose and sore, as well as on myself when suffering from TMJ pain. It works!! I find it dulls the pain and allows us to relax into sleep much easier than if we didn't use anything. 2 thumbs up from us!