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Slugs & Snails

Foxy Tights

Foxy Tights

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Hi there little fox, want to play with me?  Let's run through the forest, climb a tree and maybe play a game of hide and seek! We can stop for a picnic then scamper on our way. 

Slugs & Snails tights are super durable and stretchy, just perfect for a day of crouching, climbing and crawling in the forest.  


When Can I Get It

In stock and ready to ship in 48 hrs!

What's It Made From

PVC free anti-slip grips on feet

75% GOTS certified organic cotton

20% polyamide

5% elastane

Who Made It

Slugs & Snails Tights
Ethically made in Europe

How Does It Fit?

Size Guide

56-62cm (0-6 months)

62-68cm (6-12 months)

74-80cm (12-18 months)

80-86cm (18-24 months)

86-92cm (2-3 years)

98-104cm (3-4 years)

110-116cm (4-5 years)

122-130cm (5-6 years)

How Do I Wash It?

Wash inside-out to further bond fibres before wearing for first time.

Avoid contact with velcro and other spikey surfaces.

See inside label for washing instructions.

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Jennifer Epps

Superb quality!