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Be Clothing Co

"Be Clothing Co is an apparel line of simple every day fashion pieces with positive messages  to impact our world. Each piece is designed for both the amazing person that is wearing it and for the people that read those words. As girls grow up, there tends to be a shift in how they are treated or how they treat others.

If we can inspire girls to know that each of us can wear a crown without knocking someone else’s off we will have a movement of change. 

A movement where girls will stand up for each other and together as one even if they don’t hang out in the same group…  A culture where each girl feels valued by her peers and each one will know without a doubt that this world is lucky to have her. We want girls to celebrate each other, knowing that when they lift someone up it doesn’t make them any less awesome… it actually makes them even more so. 


Strong girls grow into strong women… let’s grow together."