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Ro Sham Bo

Kelly Kapowski Pink *Glitter* Shades

Kelly Kapowski Pink *Glitter* Shades

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Zack and Slater are definitely going to fight over Kelly (again) when they see her in these pink sunglasses. Jessie and Lisa are going to be so jealous! 

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    When Can I Get It

    In stock and ready to ship in 48 hrs!

    Are They Really Unbreakable?

    Bend. Twist. Flex.

    Nearly indestructible: Ro*Sham*Bo offers a full damage and lens replacement guarantee.

    They dare you to break these sunglasses!

    Tell Me About Those Lenses

    Polarized lenses: 100% UVA/B/C protection

    Shatter resistant

    Added glare reduction to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes.

    Hot does It FIt?

    Baby size fits ages 0-24 months, depending on your baby's head size.

    Toddler size fits ages 2-4 years, depending on head size

    Junior size frames fit ages 5+ years old (depending on head size) and can fit a huge range of kids, sometimes as young as three, or as old as teenagers!

    The flexible material gives lots of room to grow! And don’t forget to grab an ear adjuster & strap kit to ensure a better fit on babies growing into larger sizes.

    Who Made It

    Made in Italy like your designer shades, and assembled in the USA.

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