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Inchworm Alley

After their little one came along, they were inspired to create something as extraordinary as him. Named after their favourite camping spot in the-middle-of-nowhere British Columbia (Canada), Inchworm Alley was born.

Combining their experience in women's wear, they choose to use only GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Imaginative prints, where gender norms take a backseat to eye-catching, unconventional graphics, that's their jam.

To make it all happen, their party of three travels from Canada to India six months out of the year to seek adventures, samosas and to work one-on-one with their workshop partner. As a result they know firsthand that production is ethical and sustainable - that's the bread to their design butter and it's so important to them.

Séverin, their son, has refined the way they see the world and how they intend on caring for it while they're here.