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Our Story

Oh hello there!  I'm happy you stopped by to get to know us more!

   Lil Bubba's Boutique offers children's items from socially responsible brands that value high quality and ethical manufacturing. Knowing who and where our products come from is very important to me.  Before I decide to carry a product, I take the time to research the brand and people behind the products to ensure their values align with the boutiques. It's also important to me that the brands we carry are invested in supporting small businesses and their communities. Before I fall in love with the product, I fall in love with people behind the brand. ♡ 

   So speaking of the people behind the brands...Hi I'm Angela!  I'm the mum behind the boutique!  I am a momma of 3 wonderful lil bubba's, two teenage bubbas and a toddler bubba, and.... they're all boys so my life is basically consumed by fart jokes, burps and boogers.  It's every moms dream really ;) They're also the sweetest and silliest bubbas ever so my heart can't help but be filled up by every moment with them.  

   As I was nearing the end of my stay at home time with my littlest, my heart ached to be able to stay home just a little longer.  That little ache in my heart paired with the struggle to find super cute and good quality clothes for my toddler sprouted the idea for my online boutique.  Once I started finding so many items I loved, I knew my heart was hooked  and this was a journey I was meant to embark on.  I hope you enjoy discovering these products as much as I did!